The association also offers training to its members through the Training Sub-committee. Training helps members of the Association in keeping up to date with the latest developments in the area of training and also helps in effectively communicating the training needs of industry to various other training organisations and government bodies involved in delivery of training.

The association plays an important role in assisting the members to get training irrespective of their location using a delivery method best suited for their business along with providing access to government funding that is given for taking on trainees. The rules vary slightly depending on state but the broad issues are almost same.

Currently, information regarding training here is limited to fabricators for Certificates II as well as Certificates III in the field of textile fabrication.

The National Training Package

The National Training Package (NTP) is a booklet that lists the national competency standards in regards to training. STA has contributed a lot to the development of NTP. These standards ensure that the training is provided in a uniform manner throughout the country.

The involvement and interest of STA in further development of NTP is ongoing. Fabricator training is provided throughout Australia by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in line with the standards outlined in NTP.

Training Delivery

As far as the methods of training delivery are concerned, these vary with region and state. These can be categorised into three main methods:

Workplace training provided by remotely located RTO (sometimes in other states).
TAFE-based training.
A mix of the above two where some parts of training is delivered by the business and the other part is delivered by the RTO.

Alternative RTOs are also available now that offer this type of training along with various other forms of delivery.

As far as finding out these alternative RTOs is concerned, a fabricator can get in touch with the local Australian Apprenticeship Centre (AAC) for more information. These centres help businesses in recruitment of trainees and also offer advice on accessing the government funding that is made available to businesses that take on new trainees.

Existing staff can also benefit from training as part of the Recognition of Prior Learning. Your local RTO or AAC can give you more advice on availability of government funding.

Approximately $4400 per trainee is offered to businesses that take on new trainees. This payment is made in two separate instalments. The first instalment is paid on completion of the probationary period and the second instalment is made when traineeship is concluded.