Dragon Silk: No It has Nothing to do with GOT

When I first read the word Dragon Silk, my eyes widened, thinking there was some Game of Thrones related textile on the market!!

I was wrong.

As a developer of the advanced spider silk based fiber, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories inc. Has announced that it has filed an additional patent in partnership with the University of Notre Dame aimed at strengthening its intellectual property protection. This is to safeguard its transgenic spider and silkworms technologies.

Not that kind of Dragon Silk
Not that kind of Dragon Silk

The patent application is choreographed to protect the creation of the Kraig Labs chimeric spider silk as well as transgenic silkworm. So far, the company has open patent actions in about ten countries including those that produce and consume silk.

It is worth noting that Kraig labs has remained committed to the innovation spirit and does not belief in giving ‘’we cannot’’ answers. This is according to Kim Thompson who doubles as a company founder and a CEO. This pursuit is what has led to a series of inventions including the recently announced Dragon Silk genetic line. These two patents are therefore meant to protect the creativity and the value of the job done by Kraig labs and other shareholders. It is believed that the patents will work hand in hand with the existing market development plans.