Blind And Shutter Manufacturing

Roll forming systems for sun blinds and foam-filled roller shutter manufacturing.

Dreistern roll forming machines allow manufactures of sun blind products and foam-filled roller shutter profiles to play in the big league.

There are high requirements imposed on profiles for sun blinds and foam-filler roller shutter manufacturing. A few of the more prominent requirements that demanding customers impose on sun blinds and foam-filled roller shutters are secure protection against break-ins, nearly silent functioning, high levels of shading and a flawless appearance. Dreistern roll forming systems furnish millions of metres of ideal precision profiles meeting the highest requirements all over the world. Roller shutter sector market leaders know that by having such profiles that they will shine among their fiercest competitors. That is why they choose Dreistern roll forming machines over and over again.

Foam-filled roller shutters aren’t merely roller shutters. They range from foam-filled roller doors that have slat widths of as wide as 100 millimetres to mini roof window shutters or mini shutters and standard profiles that have slat widths of 20 up to 60 mm. A broad range of materials is also used. It covers coated aluminum up to ultra high strength steel that is used for special requirements. No matter which type of profile you need to manufacturer, Dreistern will have a suitable machine for you. The same thing is true for sun blind slats, shutter boxes and shafts. There is one thing that all of these profiles have in common. They are recognized by specialists right away due to their improved appearance and function. However, you cannot see one thing. They are the result of roll forming systems that perform their task reliably every day, consume less material and run at high speeds. These are precisely the aspects that characterize profitable shutter manufacturers.

Sun Outdoor Blind Slat Features

Outdoor Blinds have gained huge popularity in the last 2 years. They are manufactured using a shade fabris that is similar to the type used in roller blinds – but it is a little more resilient and weather resistant. Design Outdoor Blinds Sydney has been using our Sun Blind Slats as an alternative to the soft fabric with great results.

– Systems for all of the standard forms (Z slat, flanged, flat)
– Systems for special forms, such as light effect slats and 3-layer slats
– Up to 30 m/min production speed
– With and without cord guiding
– Fast re-tooling for various profile forms in under 20 minutes
– Deformation-free cutting and perfect surface finish
– Integrated punching technology for nipple guides, strap and Texband (for plastic clips or flanged)
– Touch panel that is easy to use for order management software
– Hook, nipple and unstacking insertion for the shutter

Foam-filled roller shutter systems features

– Slat width ranges from 20 to 100 mm
– Special roll forming process offers better profile quality (full shading, clean hinging, less noise when winding up)
– Production speed in continuous operation of 60m/min
– High speed systems of up to 90 m/min
– Service life for roll forming tools is unrivalled (four million metres)
– Order management software
– Integration of packing, winding and locking

Roller shutter box system features

– All forms of roller shutter boxes are possible (folded and round box shapes, and in combination as well)
– All joint forms are possible
– Perfect surface finish the result of attaching film to the surface in order to protect against damage
– Stock and finished lengths of up to 6 m
– Small footprint of around 20 x 7 metres
– High productive 3 part system with 6 metre length per minute or 2 metre length per minute with 10 parts
– Touch panel that is easy to use with order management software
– Made-to-order production for any part lengths