ACASPA has an interesting history. The owners of two big finishing and weaving mills joined a group of fabricators to set up an organisation for their industry, with the objective of providing a neutral platform for exchanging ideas with others in the industry, lobbying the government and promoting the standard and ethics in the industry.

They called this organisation the Canvas Manufacturers Association and it was set up in 1940 shortly after the beginning of the Second World War. This small organisation set up around 70 years back is now called the ACASPA.

The Canvas Manufacturers Associations in various states saw great extension in the next decade. The first name change of the organisation happened in the 1950 when the members decided to call it the Canvas Goods Manufacturers Federation of Australia.

The name was again changed in the year 1983 when the members felt that the existing name did not reflect the realities of the industry. The new name selected for the organisation, Australian Canvas and Synthetic Products Association of Australia (ACASPA) better reflected the use of various non-woven synthetic materials, frequently used in modern manufacturing.

Members of ACASPA again voted for a name change in the year 2011 to better reflect the specialised nature of the industry and the emerging trends in the industry. This resulted in the current name of the organisation which is Specialised Textiles Association.

In fact, it can be said that the association’s history is synonymous with the history of manufacturing in Australia. The membership of this organisation ranges from small one-man operations to some of the biggest manufacturers in the country including Brella, Birkmyre, Bradmill and Nylex.

This diversity in the membership of the organisation is what has propelled this Association to be so strong and has allowed all companies in the industry, whether large or small, to come together and learn and support each other.

The association is still going strong today as members can see the immense benefits of an industry body that provides them information, knowledge and support.